Voluntary work

Volontari allestiscono area di accoglienza

The voluntary work of Civil Protection was established as a consequence of the great emergencies that have hit Italy in the last 50 years: the floods of Florence in 1966 and the Friuli and Irpinia earthquakes above all. A great spontaneous mobilization of citizens made it clear that the solidarity of the people was by no means lacking, but an organised public system which knew how to employ them and get the best out of them was required.

The civil protection volunteers, over the years, have become an organized, trained and prepared reality, representing all the professions and knowledge of the society. An extraordinary resource in terms of skills and operational capacity that counts more than 5 thousand organizations throughout the country.

Volontario afferra giacca
Volontario afferra giacca

How to become a volunteer

To become a civil protection volunteer, the first step is joining a voluntary organization on the national list.