National Register of Voluntary Work Organizations

The National Register of Voluntary Work Organizations is made up of the central register and the territorial lists of Regions and Autonomous Provinces

Maglia protezione civile volontariato

The organizations willing to participate in prevision, prevention and intervention activities in case or in prevision of calamitous events should be enlisted in the national register of civil protection voluntary organizations. According to the Presidential Directive of the Council of MInister of 9 November 2012, the national register is made up of:

  • The central register
  • The territorial register of regions and autonomous provinces

Prior to the adoption of the Directive of  November 9th, 2012, the national register consisted of a single section bringing together organizations of national importance and those of a local nature. This register is no longer updated. To communicate changes to their personal data sheet, the organizations within the territorial lists can contact their Region. 


This section of the national register involve the organizations that for operative or distribution characteristics, in case of major national events, are of particular importance in direct connection with the Civil Protection Department.

The national coordination structures of the organizations established under  law  no .266/1991 spread over several regions

  • The national coordination structures of other organizations with a predominantly voluntary component;
  • Organizations without regional articulation, but able to perform specific functions considered by the Civil Protection Department of particular relevance and interest at the national level;
  • The national structures for the coordination of municipal and inter-municipal groups

Many subscription requests arrived for the central Register. Following the Presidential Directive, the requests should undergo under a detailed review. For this reason, since August 1st, 2013 a first edition of the register entered into force, which will be gradually integrated. For the applicant organizations, already included in the regional register, the subscription remains valid.

The organizations willing to intervene and operate in case of activity and regional/local events should be subscribed in the territorial register of voluntary work of their region or autonomous province.

The territorial register is instituted separately from the register provided for by Law n.266/1991 (Framework Law on voluntary work) and organizations fulfilling the requirements can register for both. In the territorial  register can subscrive:

  • Voluntary organizations established under Law 266/1991 with a local character
  • Other organizations, but mainly of a voluntary nature
  • Local structures of the organizations referred to in the previous points, with national distribution
  • Municipal and intermunicipal groups
  • Territorial coordination that brings together several groups or organizations of the types indicated above