National Committee of Civil Protection Volunteering

The National Committee of Civil Protection Volunteering guarantee the National Service voluntary work participation with tasks of research and discussion

Evento volontariato

The National Committee of Civil Protection Volunteering has been established in implementation of Article 42 of the Civil Protection Code by the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of July 11, 2019, repealing the National Council of Civil Protection Volunteering.

The Committee - which carries out its activities free of charge and lasts three years in office - is composed of two committees:

  • A national commission (composed of a volunteer representative for each of the subjects included in the central list of volunteers)
  • A territorial commission (composed of a volunteer representing the subjects registered in each of the territorial lists of volunteers).The Committee ensures the participation of organized volunteering in the National Service of Civil Protection, carries out consultative tasks of research, study and discussion on issues related to the promotion, training and development of organized civil protection volunteering while promoting the connection with other components and operational structures. 

It also expresses advice on the guidelines proposed by the Head of Department in terms of volunteering.

The Committee meets at the Department of Civil Protection, with the participation of the members of the two committees, at least three times a year and when necessary.